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TWW Inc. was created to ameliorate the lives students and adults in the New York tri-state area. Especially the at-risk students in under-served & low income neighborhoods.

Our art programs is to prepare and challenge all students academically, culturally and socially for what they will endure in today’s society.

Promoting stronger literacy skills, educational, cultural awareness, and to provide individuals with opportunities for creative self-expression through the visual and performing arts. Introducing hands on arts as a tool to promote literacy and give the student another avenue to help strengthen their overall educational needs.

Our art academic activities are rounded out by a variety of cultural, creative, and recreation-related options, which give students exposure to a wide range of new ideas and concepts, encourage self-expression and confidence, and inspire socialization and leadership skills. The curriculum of each Regular and After-School Program site is developed within the context of the unique school community it serves. From recruitment of students to the format of the daily activities, parents and regular school day teachers are regular participants in ensuring students remain engaged throughout the year and that outcomes are achieved and at the same time follow the NY State, DOE and Federal Compliance and Blueprint standards, using the arts (hands on) to help their educational needs.

Allowing full expression of ideas, while at the same time, developing their self-expression in the arts and accomplishing their educational skills.  Using this technique and formula across the spectrum, the students’ development is better rounded. Also, this provides equal opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, intellectual excitement and the joy of competence in the arts. Artistic skills and knowledge will be unlocked through a developmentally-based program of instruction that:

1. Offers both arts-focused and arts-integrated

educational experiences.

2. Promotes meaningful exploration and expression for all students.

3. Multicultural Perspectives

4. Different perspective in other areas of education, such as Science, Math and History.

TWW believes that creative expression, in all its forms, expands avenues of communication and social interaction within the community. Further, it is a means of expanding the self-awareness of the participants, developing their natural ability to express themselves creatively and reinforcing the importance of support and acceptance of the work of others in order to accomplish common goals. That Goal being;

To strengthen our overall educational & developmental needs that will guide us to a better & happier life!





 We envision conducting all of the programs described herein if we have sufficient funds, Contribution will be used for obtaining a location and running the programs.







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